Photo Gallery

This is where you will see Beautiful costumes made with our fabrics

We really love to see the finished product after customers have bought our fabric so if you have ever used any of our Fabric in your costume we would like to add it to our Photo Gallery.  Email your photos if you would like to see your costume included on our web page. Send them to us in either jpeg or gif format. 

​Include  a description about who you are, (first names OK) perhaps the competition or where you were when the costume was worn and which fabric of ours you have used to make your costume.

You can have all or part of your costume made from Dance Fabrics fabric.

SO Get Snapping NOW and e-mail your best shots to us at
Areobics by Pat2b
Stunning Aerobic costumes using Volcanic Meta fabric  by Pat T 
Genna  Susan by Karen1
Beautiful Ball gowns inn Zenith (green) and Sporting Red by Karen F 
Rythmic Gym 3 Judith-171
Beautiful Stunning Rythmic Gymnastic costume from a very talented Judith.
Rythmic Gym 3 Judith-171
Beautiful Rythmic Gymnastic costume by Judith.

Leigh - Antigravity Yoga outfit in Fantasy Baltic Blue2
​Leigh's Anitgravity yoga outfint in Fantasy Baltic Blue
Areobic by Pat1a
These tallented girls won the open senior teams section at Wellington 2018
ASDAC 2018 by Karen 2
Ball Gowns By Karen F, in Sporting Red, Zenithe and Navy 
Rythmic Gym 2  Judith-980
Judith is a very creative  lady. This is another stunning Rythmic Gymnastic costume by her.

Leigh - Antigravity Yoga - Fantasy Baltci Blue1
​Leigh's amazing antigravity yoga outfit in
Fantasy Baltic Blue
Lekes Ballroom dress white stretch lace Lekes Creations White Stretch Lace Latin Dress 2016 Lekes Ballroom dress 2Lekes Creations Ballroom Dress 2016
Andrea Deakin dance costumes 2-863
Andreas barefoot - Shiny Nylon Lycra and Cosmic Mesh 2016
Andrea Deakin dance costumes-718-289-87
​Another view of the georgeous barefoot by Andrea 2016
Ange Thomas Sync Swimming 1
​Ange made these stunning Syncronised Swimming costumes on a Cristal Nylon Lycra Base
Ange Thomas Syncronised Swimming-391
Close up details of the decoration of these stunning costumes
Patience Cross Country Tops - Lycra 2-2
Patience Cross Country Tops​ - using Shiny Nylon Lycra
Patience Cross Country Tops - Lycra 3-586
Patience Cross Country Tops​ - using Shiny Nylon Lycra
Autumn4 Marlborough Theatre opening
Local Marlborough Dancers in White Spandex
Performing Autumn
Autumn Marlborough Theatre Opening-9
the main dancer is in Tye Dye holographic chiffon in orange. Performing Autumn
Kirsten pink chiffon ball dress 1
​Kirsten's Pink Chiffon Dress
Kirsten floral print cerise 1
​Kirsten - Floral print in Cerise


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