Sewing Tips

Cutting out a full circle skirt can be somewhat difficult to work out.
Below are some instructions using either 115cm wide or 150cm wide fabric.

How to Cut a Full Circle Skirt:
150cm (60inch) wide fabric:
 This can usually be cut without any seams.
  1. Cut the circumference of the inner (top) circle to fit the either the waist or hip measurement.
  2. If the elastic is to be sewn onto waist (for fabrics such as chiffon or any woven fabrics etc) the circle must be cut to fit the hip to allow the skirt to fit over the widest part.
  3. For knit fabrics cut top circle to fit waist.
  4. Measure length required from the waist to the hem. Do this all the way around skirt. Mark with chalk about 10- 15 cm intervals.

How To Cut a Full Circle Skirt: 115cm (45inch) wide fabric
  1. Usually has to be cut with a side seam.
  2. Cut half circle on selvedge, measuring half waist or hip measurement. (Depending on whether you are using a knit or woven as above)
  3. Then cut the other half on the opposite selvedge