About Us


Kathy Duncan

I come from a family of four girls and my mother always tried to keep up with the fashions for us by making all our clothing, so at a young age I learned to sew. I have always had an interest in sewing and crafts. There are many crafts that I enjoy such as Folk Art Painting, Cake Icing, Cross Stitch, Embroidery and Quilting to name a few. All these crafts require skills that can be helpful with sewing.

In recent years I have helped make costumes for the local dance productions here in Marlborough and I have also made costumes for the Rugby Sevens in Wellington. I very much enjoyed the challenge of designing and making these as I used many of my sewing and artistic skills.

My working career involves administration, customer service, office management as well as accounting. Again attention to detail is important and something that I pride myself on. I now look forward to this new challenge of combining my skills and expertise together to assist our customers with their fabric choices and challenges that they face. 

Karyn Watson

As a young girl I was involved in ballet, and contemporary / modern dance and this is where my love of dance and theatre began. My mum used to make my costumes for me so it seemed only natural that I would follow in her footsteps and make costumes as well.

I now assist in the wardrobe department with the local dance company here in Marlborough as well as making competition costumes. In the last few years I have become an avid quilter and there is no such thing as too much fabric! I enjoy painting and other crafts as well.