Tips & Ideas

Care of Hologram & Foil Fabrics

Hand wash in cool or cold water using a mild detergent. Baby shampoo is ideal for this. Line dry out of direct sunshine. We recommend washing immediately if perspiration is evident or if sprays etc have come in direct contact with the fabric.
We do not recommend regular washing too often, instead we suggest you simply air dry out of direct sunlight.
Do not expose garment to rough surfaces.
Do not leave garment wet or rolled in a towel.
Do not dry clean, tumble dry, iron or bleach

Test First

Nothing beats testing. Before you begin work on your garment, test wash a small piece of your fabric and wash as per washing instructions.
Tip: Take a safety pin and attach the fabric to one of the garments you are throwing into the wash. This will prevent it from getting lost.

Slinky Knits
Buy an additional 1/4 metre for every 2 metres to allow for fabric shrinkage. Hand or machine-wash in warm water on gentle cycle. Machine-dry cool or dry flat. Do not hang - the fabric will stretch


10 Top Tips for Looking after your Dance Costumes:
  1. Always hang your costumes. If you have more than one, try using a skirt hanger that can hold five or six items. a good idea is to hang them in the order that you'll wear them.
  2. Transport your costumes in a garment bag-not bunched up in a plastic bag.
  3. Take your costumes out of the garment bag as soon you get home and hang them out to air out. Fresh air is important for costumes and shoes. Damp shoes and clothes which have been left in a dance bag for a long time will soon smell musty.
  4. Air-dry all shoes after each use, especially the pointe shoes which will consequently last a lot longer.
  5. Check for stains on the costumes and always check the recommended cleaning process tags BEFORE you attempt to remove them. Try to get detailed washing instructions when you purchase the fabric.
  6. Check all seams, straps, sequins and rhinestones are secure for the next use.
  7. Spraying air freshner around your costumes helps to freshen them up and works well to eliminate odours. BUT do NOT spray directly on the costume!
  8. Place tutu's on a flat surface to help maintain their shape.
  9. Hang skirts with any ruffles upside down to keep them full and fluffy for a longer period of time.
  10. The day after your performance, restock essentials such as saftey pins, needles and thread and hot glue guns, to have ready for those last minute costume repairs!